7 Incredible Benefits of Walking for 30 Minutes a Day

Walking, once upon a time was a regular activity for all the human beings which has now become a kind of exercise for many. The new proverb could be 30-minute walk a day keeps the doctor away, cause for most of the health problems doctors are suggesting exercise. The best exercise a person can start with is walking. Here are few benefits of walking which help in preventing and curing different physical and psychological problems.

Helps in preventing stroke and cardiovascular diseases

The Harvard School of Public Health has conducted a research on the how brisk walking reduces the risk of stroke in women and came up with the following results.

  • Walking for two or more hours per week have reduced the risk of stroke by 30 percent.
  • Walking at the pace of 3 miles or faster per hour have reduced the risk of stroke by 37 percent.

Two scientists have analyzed 4295 articles on walking published between 1997 and 2007 of which 18 of them are high quality. These studies have collected information on participants regular walking habits and the factors that influence cardiovascular diseases such as alcohol use, smoking, and age. The participants have been followed for 11.3 years and their deaths and cardiovascular events have were tracked. The scientists have concluded that the risk of cardiovascular events was reduced by 31% by walking.

Helps in Getting Creative

One of the research conducted at Stanford had concluded that a person walking on a treadmill facing a blank wall or in nature have more creative thoughts than a person sitting down. Creative thinking is improved while a person is walking and immediately thereafter.  Participants who walked have produced 50% more ideas compared to people seated. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook holds meetings on foot and Steve Jobs, the late co-founder was also famous for walking meetings.

Benefits of Walking

Helps in Weight Loss

Walking is often underestimated workout to lose weight, but if you are a beginner, walking for 30 minutes a day will help you lose weight. Researchers at the University of Virginia have conducted a study on women to find out whether short fast-paced walks or long moderate paced lost more weight. Surprisingly, both the groups have lost equal calories. But, women who walked at a fast pace have lost more inches around the waist than women who walked at a moderate pace. Weight loss is one of the major health benefits of walking.

Helps in Reducing Stress Eating

Are you suffering from stress eating? Walking is the best solution. Walking for 10 minutes can release feel-good chemicals in your brain and reduce stress eating. Whenever you feel stressed go out for a walk for 10 minutes, this can beat the stress without the help of a chocolate. Now, imagine what would walking 30 minutes a day could do? Walking is known to lift mood and relax the mind, it helps to refocus mind on your health goals. You can beat stress eating by walking 10,000 steps a day, meditating and by getting good quality sleep.

Helps in dealing with depression

Depression can be treated with anti-depressants, it is not recommended in mild cases. Walking is the best and inexpensive way to deal with depression. A large study conducted in Australia have concluded that women who walked 200 minutes a week or 150 minutes 0f moderate exercise had socialized more, had more energy and control on emotions. Women who exercised also were physically better although they had more phycological benefits.

Helps in Achieving Your Goals

Walking regularly creates a routine in everyday life and when there a routine you tend to do things regularly which is essential to reach your goals. Also, walking helps in increasing concentration which is again a pre-requisite for success. Walking meetings are said to be more productive than the meetings held at the desk. This kind of meetings also happen without smartphones or desktops which are the major distractions during meetings. This will lead to more productivity and helps you in achieving your goals.

Helps in Making You Look Great

Last but not the least, walking helps you look great. Wondering how?, If you see the above benefits of walking, it helps in weight loss, stress eating and dealing with depression. When a person is fit and is happy, it makes him/her look great no matter what their age is. So, walk to look great.

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